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Monday, January 24, 2005

Emergency surgery pending

This morning's 6AM phone call was NOT good news. BSU's sister called to say that my spouse did not make it through the night without being rushed to the ER. She's getting some morphine for the pain, antibiotics to fight back an infection and consultation about surgery as I write this. If she can get stabilized enough, she wants to get back to Utah before surgery, if not, it will be in Oregon, today probably.

The diagnosis is diverticulitus right now, its an inflammation of the bowel and treatment usually means removal of the offending portions. This is a bad thing because you really need all of it to process and absorb the nutrients from food and she has already had some of her bowel removed 11 years ago for the same problem. So she's got none to spare already and loosing more could seriously restrict her ability to lead a normal life.

I'm at the airport now. I couldn't get on the first flight out so now I've a couple hours to kill waiting for the next one. Sisters are standing by to piuck me up at the airport in Portland.

Those of you inclined, please offer a prayer for my spouse today. Her name is Sunday.

Posting may be limited for the next few days while I tend to this urgent medical matter.

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